There are different categories of Medicare supplement plans. The most basic and widely known is the Medicare Supplement insurance plan A. A lot of people confuse it with the original Medicare Part A. They are however very different in terms of their expense coverage. Of all the Medicare supplement plans that exist, the plan A is the most available as every insurance provider who sells Medicare supplement plans is required to have the plan A.

Medicare supplement insurance plan A has the least coverage as compared to the other plan. The first offer that it has is that it complements the Medicare Part A coinsurance payments. This is for up to a duration of one year after you have finished your Medicare benefits.

It also complements the Medicare Part B cover. This is by catering for the coinsurance and copayment medical expenses. Another coverage of the Plan A is that it caters for three initial pints of blood that may be used on you during treatment. It also covers the Part A hospice care Copayment costs and Coinsurance expenses. These four are the benefits that you will accrue once you settle for the Medicare Supplement plan A.

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This plan is however beneficial as it is the least costly. Premiums that you will pay on this plan are slightly lower as compared to the premiums on the other plans. As a policy holder who does not want to pay premiums for medical benefits that they may never use, plan A is the most ideal choice. There are however some medical costs that are not catered for in the Medicare Supplement insurance plan A. You will be required to pay for emergency costs that accrue from medical foreign travel. You will also pay for coinsurance for skilled nursing facility care, Medicare part B excess charges and also Medicare Part A and part B deductibles. You will be required to pay for these costs from your own pocket.

Whereas the Medicare supplement plan A can be referred to as the cheapest and most affordable, it may prove to be very expensive if you accumulate medical costs that are not catered for by the plan. Since we cannot be 100% sure when it comes to medical emergencies, you should seek more information on other plans that offer more comprehensive benefits. If you are however looking for affordable and lower premiums, Medicare supplement plan A is the ideal choice.